Teeth Cleaning - Periodontal TherapyHaving one’s teeth cleaned is one of the most familiar dental procedures to most people. Modern tools such as ultrasonic cleaning devices have improved the comfort of these procedures for many people. For those who may be more comfortable with more traditional instruments, that option is available as well. A regular cleaning appointment with a dental hygienist can be a very effective tool is fighting gum disease, and also provides an opportunity for your dentist to make sure everything else is healthy in your mouth.

More advanced gum disease (also called periodontal disease) is now recognized as one of the leading causes of poor health. It is the root of a host of serious medical problems, including heart disease, respiratory problems, and is now even linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. In fact, people suffering with periodontal disease experience twice as many fatal heart attacks as those without. In addition, periodontal disease contributes to low birthweight or premature babies, and is interrelated with diabetes.

As a general practice dental office, we fight periodontal disease daily. Regular hygiene appointments help – but you must do your part at home too, by following the advice of your dental professionals and cleaning your teeth well. Your heart will thank you!