Braces & Functional Appliances

What Are Functional Appliances?

Functional appliances are dental devices designed to correct problems with the position and relationship of the jaws as they develop, by guiding the growth of the jaws into a more harmonious position. These devices are most commonly used in children as a first step to prepare for future treatment with braces. The goal of treatment with these appliances is to prevent or reduce the severity or likelihood of more severe orthodontic problems later in life, which may require surgery in order to fully correct.

The Damon Braces System

damon bracesMost people are familiar with the idea of “braces”, but it is less well known that braces come in many different types and qualities. Many different types of brackets (the part that is attached to the tooth) and wires are available for use by dentists who practice orthodontics. One of the most exciting breakthroughs in orthodontic technology is the concept of self-ligating brackets; that is, brackets that hold the wire themselves, without the need for tying elastics. This greatly reduces friction and force on the teeth, and allows the teeth to be moved faster and more gently.

The bracket system we use in our office is possibly the most advanced system available in dentistry today, the Damon 3MX bracket system.

In combination with advanced orthodontic wire technology, the Damon system allows for treatment of even extreme crowding, usually without the need for extraction of teeth. This is true for both children and adults; in fact, orthodontics in adult patients well into their 50’s is becoming more and more common. Anyone who could benefit from an improvement in the alignment of their teeth, or an improvement in their bite position may be a candidate for orthodontic therapy with the Damon system.

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