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Another reason to exercise!

Looking to protect your smile? Get moving! Research shows that consistent exercise not only improves physical and mental health, it has the ability to boost periodontal health, as well.

A study published in the Journal of Dentistry found that participants who regularly exercised had a 54% lower chance of developing periodontitis when compared to those who didn’t exercise, and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reported that people who made a habit of exercising approximately three times each week also experienced benefits, causing them to have a 33% lower likelihood of developing the disease.

In addition, research has also shown that people with a normal body weight who prioritize getting regular bouts of exercise have a 40% lower risk of experiencing periodontitis.

If you’re aiming to make exercise part of your daily life, you can start by incorporating 150 minutes of moderate activity each week (30 minutes of activity five days a week) and include strength training at least twice a week. Start slowly and increase the time and intensity as your endurance and strength develop.

And, most importantly, don’t neglect your daily oral hygiene routine! Brush twice and floss once each day, and if periodontitis is an issue for you, ensure that you’re seeing us regularly to help preserve your beautiful smile.


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