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Every smile is different. Let's discuss how a dental crown, bridge or implant can restore your smile

Ever wonder why our teeth have different shapes? It’s because our teeth have different purposes like chewing, slicing and grinding. Plus each tooth, when in its place and is functioning well, has the job of keeping its neighbour in line.

When we are missing teeth, or if our teeth are badly damaged, your alignment is thrown off kilter. That’s why crown restoration options, bridges and dental implants are so popular, efficient, comfortable, and trusted.

Dental crown – covers an existing badly decayed, damaged, root canaled or misshaped tooth. We use crowns to strengthen your existing tooth structure and/or to enhance your smile with the perfect colour, shape, and size. If you have front teeth that require crowns, our Lab Technician pays us a visit at the time of your appointment to ensure the perfect colour match.

Dental Bridge - a bridge may be recommended to reduce bite stress and to "fill in" any missing teeth in your smile. A bridge typically spans between 3 teeth, with 2 healthy anchor teeth on the ends and a pontic (fake floating tooth) in the middle. Hence, the name "bridge". If a candidate, a dental Bridge is a more cost effective option for our patients.

Crowns On Implants – also looking and behaving like natural teeth, dental implants replace missing teeth and help stop jawbone loss beneath a missing tooth, while maintaining a more-youthful face shape. From start to finish, implant placement and the final crown takes approximately 2-3 months to complete. Once the implant core/plug is initially placed, your mouth requires time to heal and accept the implant before proceeding with a crown. Sometimes, our body rejects implants so the waiting period in between is required to ensure success. If your mouth rejects the initial implant, after some adjustments, the Dentist will typically insert it again before proceeding with the crown. Dental implants are widely popular and are a financial investment in your mouth. Implants can be used in conjunction with Bridges and Crowns.

You have choices! You don’t have to put up with damaged or missing teeth. Come see one of our highly skilled Dentists to inquire about your treatment options to regain the beauty and function of your smile! 778 294 1514


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