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Everyone's teeth are unique.

You may have genetically missing teeth or perhaps some of your teeth have been extracted. You may have a bridge, dentures or several crowns in your mouth. Whatever is specifically going on for you, we have some great oral hygiene BRUSHING tips to help keep your mouth as clean as possible.

  1. Overlapping – Teeth will be more likely to pick up stains and food residue. The up-and-down circular brushing motion won’t always work. Try some creative brush strokes and spend a bit of extra time when brushing.

  2. Missing – Until you replace the missing tooth, try using a children's toothbrush to ensure you can clean it thoroughly so that your gums and neighbouring teeth aren’t at risk.

  3. Fillings – The borderline where the filling meets the tooth is a favorite place for harmful bacteria. Take your time and clean your teeth surfaces carefully around your fillings.

  4. Crowns & Bridges – Just like on natural teeth, plaque forms on man-made materials too, where they can build up and cause gum disease. Brush carefully and use a floss threader to clean every area. A water irrigator or Power flosser, will help.

  5. Dentures – Replacement teeth need cleaning just like natural teeth. When you’re in next, let us clean your dentures and talk about your routine to ensure it’s the best for your smile.

  6. Braces – Keeping braces clean takes extra brushing time. Food particles get easily stuck so ensure you brush, floss and use a good oral rinse twice a day. Flossing will take a little bit extra time than it did pre-braces, but it’s critical to prevent decay.

If you have any questions on how to care for your uniqueness, please ask us at your next dental checkup!


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