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Teeth Whitening

simile with white bright teeth

Grads, weddings, and special events are back in full swing, which explains why our patient requests for teeth whitening are on the rise. If you are wanting a brighter smile but aren’t quite sure of the procedure then this quick 5-minute read is for you!


If you have existing dentistry: bleaching will not whiten crowns, implants, dentures or partials already present in your mouth as these are fabricated in professional labs and are not able to change colour with any whitening product. So, if you have a lot of restorative work in your mouth, then it’s best to consult with your dentist first.

Stay consistent: At home whitening requires approx. 30 minutes a day for 7-10 days minimum to achieve results.

Tip: be very careful with how much time and how many days you are using your product, too much bleach (or too high of a percentage) may increase your teeth sensitivity.

Please have realistic expectations. Is your smile bright enough? If you can get your teeth 2 shades whiter, will you be happy? Understanding your desired results versus the realistic results is key. 

Teeth whitening procedure: here at Smile Solutions Dental, we take a mold of your upper and lower teeth first. These impressions are then sent to a professional lab to fabricate a set of custom bleaching trays. Once received back from the lab, we have you come back in to ensure the trays properly fit your mouth and then send you home with your whitening trays and bleaching product. Within a few days you will be seeing a brighter smile!

How to maintain your results: once or twice a year “touch ups’ are recommended to keep your teeth white and bright! 

Finally let’s talk about cost. We charge $275.00 for teeth whitening at Smile Solutions Dental Centre. This includes the bleaching product and your custom trays so you can maintain your results at home. For those in between touch up kits, your cost is only $25.00.

Everyone can safely whiten their smile given their teeth are not overly sensitive. If you are still unsure, please discuss this with your local dentist.

Keep on smiling and contact us to learn more!


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