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Assignment of Dental Benefits

dental insurance

Does your local dentist accept Assignment of Benefits at their office? What exactly is Assignment of Benefits? 

On average about 70-80% of the population have dental benefits through their employer or, if you are self-employed you may opt to pay a monthly fee towards your own extended health plan. Either way, if you have an extended health plan that covers dental treatment, then this is referred as “dental insurance”.

Before going to your local dentist with your insurance card in hand, a good question to ask the receptionist is: do you accept assignment of benefits? If the answer is “yes”, then your insurance provider will directly pay the dental office the percentage for which you are covered (70%, 80%, 90% etc.) for the treatment that was completed. Thus, the patient’s portion at the time of payment is greatly reduced (10%, 20%, 30, etc.) to only the remaining balance owing after the plan provider has paid.

If the response from your dentist was “no”, then the patient must pay in full for the treatment provided. The patient would then submit a claim to their extended health benefis provider for reimbursement. They will then pay you directly.

It is also worth knowing that most dental specialty offices in British Columbia do NOT accept assignment of benefits, so you will have to pay in full and submit for reimbursement. Typically, these specialty offices will submit the claim for you so you don’t get burdened with the ins/outs of insurance paperwork.

Good news…at Smile Solutions Dental Centre we do accept assignment of benefits! We will submit and complete all the paperwork on your behalf to ensure your visit goes smoothly and you leave with some jingle in your jeans! 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us 778 294 1514.


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