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Can a dental crown benefit you?

Do you have one or more teeth that have been damaged or weakened by significant decay, wear and tear, or trauma? Or perhaps you need a root canal and require a crown to protect the tooth? Or maybe you would just like your teeth to be straighter and in unity with one another?

All Dental offices prioritize saving as many of your natural teeth as possible. Depending on your specific circumstances such as: what is going on inside your mouth and where the tooth is located, a dental crown may be the best treatment option recommended by your Dentist AND the most cost effective.

With regular dental visits and good oral hygiene habits at home that includes flossing, a typical crown may last up to 20 years.

A custom-made porcelain dental crown can not only protect your tooth, it can also…

-Improve its shape, strength, and aesthetic.

-Attach to a dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth.

-Be part of a treatment plan that includes other teeth such as: dental implants to restore full chewing function, speech clarity, and/or to beautify your smile!

Curious about whether a dental crown might be the right smile-strengthening option for you? We’re always happy to answer your questions and specialize in full cosmetic makeovers!

Call our friendly team today 778 294 1514.


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