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Don't miss out on utilizing your dental insurance! Let's get a plan in place.

As most dental insurance plans reset at the turn of the new year, scheduling and planning should begin now to ensure the optimum time and cost for your dental care and treatment fulfilment.

How we can help you…

New-year cleaning: Start the new year with a fresh, clean, and healthy smile. Early detection or a complete review of any outstanding dental treatment is necessary to utilize your yearly insurance maximum.

Early detection: Find and treat issues early to avoid pain (both physical and financial) that comes with delayed care. It’s so important not to delay your cleanings and dental checkups!

Finish outstanding treatment: Putting off care? No time? No money? We can help you make some tactical plans to ensure your smile gets the care it deserves and your pocket book doesn't take a big hit.

We’re insurance experts: We are here to help you navigate your dental insurance. Understanding your benefits and how you can utilize the most money from your insurance can be confusing sometimes. We are more than happy to answer your questions and of course, this is a free service!

Talk with us about strategic scheduling to maximize your smile and make 2023 the brightest yet!


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