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Get to know Dr. Nathan Kennedy: Owner of Smile Solutions Dental Centre.

Dr. Nathan Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy grew up all around the Lower Mainland, Burnaby and New Westminster mostly. He completed his undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Pharmacy at UBC and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of Toronto in 2004. Dr. Kennedy returned to Vancouver to practice immediately after graduating and worked as an Associate with both his father, dad, Dr. E Bruce Kennedy, and other dentists until October 2008, when he opened Smile Solutions Dental Centre. Dr. Kennedy believes that the best part of his work day is laughter; dentistry isn’t always fun, but he finds that when one is surrounded by great people, it usually is. On his team, there is a lot of humour to brighten up the day. He has four daughters ranging in age from early elementary to late high school, so most of his free time outside of work is spent with them and cheering them on in their activities, such as soccer, Irish dance and horseback riding. As for his hobbies, he tends to relax with a video game or a good book. He is also pretty involved with his daughter's school, White Rock Christian Academy, and Village Church. Some interesting, little-known, quirky facts about Dr. Kennedy are that he has unusually stretchy cheeks and that long before he became a dentist, his dream job was to be a punk rocker. The closest he came was playing for the band at a local church for over 10 years. He still plays a bit of bass guitar from time to time.

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