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How it all started in our dental office...

Dr. Nathan Kennedy first opened Smile Solutions Dental Centre in 2008. After graduating from the University of Toronto in 2004 and then mentoring for a few years under his father, Dr. Bruce Kennedy, who owned and practiced Dentistry in Vancouver since 1974, Nathan decided to venture out on his own and is now the principal dentist/owner of Smile Solutions Dental Centre.

As you can imagine, being a husband and father to 4 daughters and a small Business owner while operating as the principal dentist had its challenges in the early years. From starting with 4 employees (one Assistant, one Hygienist and one Receptionist) to being booked with only a few patients a day, to figuring out how to attract new patients to the practice, Dr. Nathan Kennedy persevered and Smile Solutions Dental has now grown into a team of over 18!

You will still find Dr. Bruce Kennedy practicing here one day a week, mainly for the love of it but also to support his son, Nathan, who is the eldest of 4 himself.

After 3 short years, in 2011, Nathan was ready to expand his practice and welcomed a new Associate Dentist to our team, Dr. Jennifer Hermesmann. Jennifer who has 2 children with her husband, graduated from UBC in 2005 and previously worked for 6 years as a Dentist in Tsawwassen.

Combined, Dr, Nathan Kennedy, Dr. Jennifer Hermesmann and Dr. Bruce Kennedy have more than 75 years of knowledge between them. Now, that’s impressive! Dr Nathan Kennedy’s dedication, skillset, easy going nature and his love of dentistry has grown Smile Solutions into the successful team we are today. We are all committed to learn, excel and grow together as a team.

In fact, our company core values are:

~Respect: we treat our guests and team members with courtesy, professionalism and grace. We take personal responsibility for making everyone feel valued and contributions of each member of our team.

~Safety: we never compromise the safety of our guests and team members. We look out for one another and do everything possible to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone.

-Teamwork: we are stronger as a team. We actively support our team members, looking for opportunities to assist them. We ask for help when we need it and we let other help us.

~Quality: we deliver excellent products and services. We are confident in what we do.

We welcome the opportunity to service and treat you as our guest.

If you have recently moved to the White Rock/South Surrey area or are simply just looking for a change: we are currently offering a special incentive for our new patients. We are happy to answer your questions, please email or call us 778 294 1514 anytime. We hope to see you in our chair soon!


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