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White Bread, Popcorn and Alcohol can promote tooth decay.

We all know that sticky candies and sugar-laden drinks have earned their reputation for damaging teeth, but did you know these particular foods/liquids can also cause significant damage to your tooth enamel.

A lady holding a bowl of popcorn
Popcorn anyone?

  • White bread. Starch from this type of bread is broken down into sugar by your saliva and takes on a paste-like consistency. This paste gets lodged between your teeth and on your gums, and can cause cavities when left to flourish. Don't despair all white bread lovers...just brush and floss your teeth after eating a slice and you will keep the cavities away!

  • Popcorn. Oh no! Who doesn't love popcorn! I am sure you have had a few kernels stuck between, or in, your teeth causing pain and discomfort until you floss it out but did you know that popcorn also causes your mouth to create lactic acid, which can damage tooth enamel. Not to mention many popcorn varieties also include sugar and salt, which can cause tooth decay. Please continue to enjoy those kernels...just remember to brush/floss once done.

  • Alcohol. Because alcohol dries your mouth, it slows saliva production. Since saliva helps fight decay by neutralizing acids that are produced by plaque, a lack of it enables acids to build up on teeth and gums, leading to gum disease and decay. What’s more, many types of alcohol also contain copious amounts of sugar.

While the best way to protect your smile is to minimize your intake of damaging foods and drinks, if you do indulge, be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth with water and brush afterward. And don’t forget to see us for regular checkups and cleanings! 778 294 1514


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